Humance Resource System of FECON is run by Boards of Management  and Boards of Directors with 2 blocks: Front Office và Back Office. 

Pham Viet Khoa


With over 20 years of experiences in foundation works, He is the founder, who set the foundation and built up the development strategy of FECON. Graduating Master degree of Soil mechanics, foundation engineering and underground construction, he had held important positions in some state-owned companies, such as: LICOGI, TEDI before establishing FECON.In 2014, Mr Khoa was honored as one of the most 10 outstanding businessman in Vietnam (RED STAR Prize).

Ha The Phuong


Graduating from Department of Information Technology – Hanoi University of Science and Technology, he is the vice chairman of FECON’s Board of Management and one of the founding members of the company. Besides contributing to brand development of FECON in the field of foundation construction, he has played an important role in laying the foundation and developing the manufacturing of PC/PHC pre-stressed concrete spun pile. This is one of the main business fields of FECON. He is also the chairman of FECON Mining Joint Stock Company (FCM).

Tran Trong Thang


Mr Tran Trong Thang has over 20 years of  experiences  in  foundation  engineering and construction. Graduating from Ha Noi University of Mining and Geology, majoring in Geological Engineering – Geotechnical, MBA, He is one of the founders of FECON, playing an important role in the management of equipment and development of FECON’s construction capacity. With his great experience  in  operation  management,  he is Standing Vice Chairman of FECON.

Ha The Long


Together with the founding team of FECON, he has played an important role in the development of the company since the first days of foundation, especially in the field of manufacturing of PC/PHC pre-stressed concrete spun pile. Brand name FECON Pile is highly appreciated by not only domestic customers but also foreign companies. He has held a series of important positions in FECON as: Production Director, Director of FECON Pre-stressed Concrete Pile Ltd… and now is the member of FECON Mining’s Board of Management (FCM).

Phung Tien Trung


With the master degree of construction, he has over 20 years of experience in the field of construction consultancy in Vietnam. He currently holds the position of Director of Structural Design Consultancy Center No.2 – VCC Engineering Consultants JSC. He is also the member of FECON Mining’s Board of Management. Mr Trung has participated in FECON as the Head of Supervisory Board from the first days of foundation to the year 2014. From 2015, he has joined in FECON as the member of Board of Management.



Nguyen Van Thanh


Specializing in construction economic, he has over  10  years  of  experiences  in  managing and carrying out the construction projects in Vietnam, especially the projects related to foreign investor. Joining FECON since 2011, he has been the Sales Director, playing an important role for business development, customer growth and business capacity in the recent 6 years. Since Oct 2017, he has been the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of FECON. Since Nov 2018, he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FECON.

Pham Quoc Hung


Graduating Construction Engineer from Hanoi University of Architecture and Master of project management from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), he has over 20 years of experiences in foundation and infrastructure construction and participated in many national key projects with foreign partners. Accompanying with FECON since the first days, he has played an important role in development of technical and construction capacity of FECON and presently in charge of Technical Director position.

Muon Van Chien


Graduated as Bridge & Tunnel Construction Engineer from University of Transport and Communications, he has over 20 years of experience in infrastructure construction & played an important role in many big construction companies in Vietnam. At FECON, he has been General Director of FCC, taking in charge of the first infrastructure project of FECON – Highway No.1 – Phu Ly City Bypass Section, The project has completed beyond the schedule, marking a positive impression on partners, investors & media about the capacity of infrastructure execution of FECON. He is expected to be the key factor in contrubuting to the success of FECON in … Continued  

Nguyen Hong Luyen


Graduating from Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, Salford University (UK) with the master degree of project management, he has over 15 years of experiences in construction in Vietnam. After participating in FECON in 2010, he had been the deputy general director specializing in construction management for 4 years. In 2014, Mr. Luyen was appointed as Planning and Equipment Director, undertaking construction and equipment capacity of FECON in national key projects.

Le Quang Hanh


Graduating as Doctor Engineering of Technische Universitaet Darmsladl, Institute for Numerical Methods and Informatics in Civil Engineering, Germany, he has over 15 years of experience in engineering design, construction & project management both in Vietnam & oversea market. As Deputy General Director of FECON cum Director of FECON Underground Construction JSC, he has played an important role in business development & construction capacity for the underground construction field of FECON.

Ta Cong Thanh Vinh


Graduating as Master of Geotechnic, he has held some important position in big construction companies as a young leader. As Deputy General Director of FECON cum Director of FECON South JSC, he has played an important part in the success of FECON in executing the projects and building the image of FECON in  the south market.

Nguyen Quoc Bao


Nguyen Quoc Bao graduated from Tambov State Technical University (Russia) with a Master degree majoring in Civil Engineering. He also had 2 years of teaching at the University and more than 8 years of experiences in management and implementation of construction projects in Vietnam. Start working at FECON since 2013, he has held several possitions including site engineer, site manager, project manager… In 2018, he has been appointed Deputy General Director, taken responsibility of project management, business and resource development for industrial infrastructure as well as bored pile projects. In addition, he is considerably involved with building and developing project management team to improve the quality of FECON human resources.

Haruo Ishiguro


Specializing in Infrastructure Engineering in Japan, he has over 30 years of experiences in infrastructure development in many major projects in Japan and Southeast Asia countries. As Marketing Director, he has contributed significantly in the development of projects, bringing new customers to the company, especially the Japanese partners after joining in FECON.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Linh


Graduating as Master of Enterprise Communication Management, she has over 10 years of experience in media & communication field. With the competence of combining the strategy with execution, she is expected to strengthen the communication & branding activities of FECON in the more functional & effective way


Pham Thi Hong Nhung


With the master degree of Finance - Banking, she has over 10 years of experiences in the field of finance and manegement. She currently holds the position of Head of Board of Supervisors in FECON Foundation Engineering and Underground Construction Jsc.


“ The most important asset of FECON is human resources, enthusiasm and high determination to establishment and development ”


- PHAM VIET KHOA- / Chairman